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MetOp-C Status Updates


  • AVHRR A309 successfully completed Integrated Systems Test on June 17, 2015 at Airbus in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


  • AVHRR A309 was mechanically integrated onto the MetOp-C Payload Module. The A309 is scheduled to complete electrical integration by June 12, 2015 in support of the Integrated Systems Test June 15-18, 2015 at Airbus in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


  • AMSU-A1 special test at Astrium, Friedrichshafen


  • Astrium, Friedrichshafen activities - AMSU-A1 and A2 thermal blanket rework, AVHRR and SEM GSE integration into the Astrium ground system, AVHRR packing for shipment to ITT Exelis for recalibration

MetOp-B Status Updates


  • MetOp-B SIOV Final Report completed to EUMETSAT


  • MetOp-B Satellite In-Orbit Verification (SIOV) Final Review in Darmstadt, Germany


  • AVHRR & HIRS IR activation successfully completed


  • SEM activation completed


  • MetOp B Spacecraft final orbit achieved


  • Payload module antenna deployments complete
  • AVHRR instrument activated on 9/22
  • AMSU-1, AMSU-2 activated on 9/24, received initial science data 9/25


  • Solar panel deployment was successful 9/17
  • Ground activities for the Payload Module completed 9/17


  • MetOp-B was successfully launched at 12:28 EDT. Spacecraft separation occurred at 1:40pm EDT. Acquisition of signal from the spacecraft has been verified. Next significant event is solar array deployment.


  • All launch vehicle preparations are now complete
  • Russian State Commission Meeting completed and authorization for launch vehicle roll out was provided


  • Batch 4 instrument activities were completed 9/8. All US instrument soft covers were removed, SEM purge lines were cut/removed and properly terminated/secured behind the MLI. Encapsulation is now underway.


  • Final instrument red tag/green tag activities on MetOp-B are complete


  • Metop-B SIOV Simulation #5 in Darmstadt Germany completed


  • Russian authorities approved the fueling of the MetOp-B Fregat upper stage


  • Aliveness Test Readiness Review completed August 3
  • US instruments aliveness test conducted August 4 and 6 results were nominal
  • The Final instrument red tag/green tag activities on MetOp-B scheduled September 7-8
  • MetOp-B launch from Baikonur, Kazakhstan (LRD) September 17


  • US instrument GSE checkout and aliveness test preparations completed July 31.
  • The Aliveness Test Readiness Review is scheduled for August 3.
  • US instruments aliveness test August 4 and 6, August 7 is a scheduled contingency day


  • EUMETSAT has informed NASA today (8/2/2012) that the new launch date of MetOp-B is now set to 17 September 2012 at 1628 GMT (12:28 pm EDT). The two day accelerated launch date was due to launch schedule optimizations, and in consideration of the Russian launch manifest at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.


  • NASA has been notified by EUMETSAT and NOAA that the new MetOp-B launch date is September 19, 2012/ Launch time: 1628 GMT (12:28 p.m. EDT). The launch campaign will be resuming shortly; scheduling and planning for US provided instrument activities are currently under review.


  • The POES/MetOp Project was informed that the launch of MetOp-B is delayed until further notice.


  • TRR (Count-down rehearsal) was completed on Friday. The NIU and AVHRR and HIRS motors were powered on showing nominal values.


  • ITT Exelis activities: Cleaning and Inspection of AVHRR and HIRS instruments were completed this morning prior to the start of first shift. ITT Exelis also completed the installation of the AVHRR sunshield.


  • Logistics have been finalized for NASA/ITT to perform the final cleanings and inspection of the AVHRR and HIRS instruments tomorrow night during third shift.


  • NASA/ITT's final inspections and cleaning of the AVHRR and HIRS instruments have been confirmed and will occur during night shift next week.


  • NASA and NOAA met with SSST and Astrium to continue to discuss the Red Tag/Green Tag planning.


  • NASA and NOAA met with SSST and Astrium to discuss the Red Tag/Green Tag planning. Discussions ongoing.


  • The bulk of US team that supported the Spacecraft Health Check departed for Moscow today.


  • The Spacecraft Check Test Review Board (TRB) was held Saturday and was declared a successful.
  • The US instrument summary reports have been provided.


  • Spacecraft Health Check side A was completed on 3/16 and all US instruments performed nominally.


  • Spacecraft Health Check side B was completed on 3/15 and all US instruments performed nominally.


  • NASA continues with preparations for the Spacecraft Health Check (SHC).
  • Final verification of the US Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) was completed and all are ready to support the SHC.
  • The SHC Test Readiness Review (TRR) was held today. Authorization to proceed was given and turn on of the instrument suite is scheduled to start in the morning.
  • The NASA SHC test team completed its incoming safety training and all personnel have received their badges for facility access.


  • Setup of AVHRR/AMSU/HIRS/SEM Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) completed and validated with a NDAPB playback.

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