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Metop-B spacecraft illustration over the Earth

MetOp-B is the second of three European Space Agency (ESA) and European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (Eumetsat) weather satellites. It is the latest mission in a series of European polar orbiting satellites and was launched September 17, 2012.

Under Interagency agreements with NOAA, NASA (GSFC) provides five POES heritage instruments AMSU-1, AMSU-2, AVHRR/3, HIRS/4 and SEM-2 in support of the MetOp-B Mission.

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NOAA/NASA Instruments

AVHRR/3 → Measures reflected solar (visible and near-IR) energy and radiated thermal energy from land, sea, clouds, and the intervening atmosphere.

SEM-2 → Provides measurements to determine the intensity of the Earth's radiation belts and the flux of charged particles at the satellite altitude.

HIRS/4 → Used to determine ocean surface temperatures, total atmospheric ozone levels, precipitable water, cloud height and coverage, and surface radiance.

AMSU → Measures scene radiance in the microwave spectrum, and allows the calculation of the vertical water vapor profiles from the Earth's surface.

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